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The Tile Industry Is Going Grande

Publish date: 13th June 2018

Here’s All You Need To Know About Large Format Tiles

In the tiles industry, grande is the new black! The market has been making, slowly but very clearly, a move towards larger format tiles over the last few years.

Aesthetically pleasing, creating an open, dramatic look and extremely easy to maintain due to fewer grout joints, the large format floor and wall tiles trend keeps growing in popularity.

But what are large format tiles? And how large are large format tiles? The tile sizes are up year after year. A large format tile can be any tile larger than 60cm x 60cm, but don’t be surprised to see 80cm, 90cm and even 120cm tiles!

What rooms are large format tiles most suitable for?

Large format tiles are perfect for any room and space – bathroom, kitchen, hall, living room and even outdoor. If you’re thinking about how to make a room open up and be more streamlined, think large format tiles! The larger the tiles, the less grout lines will be needed, which will help to make a room appear larger. Use them on the walls too for that same “enlarging” and “widening” effect they have on the floor.

Why should I choose large format tiles?

There are many great benefits to using large format tiles in any space. Large format tiles are aesthetically pleasing. Whether they’re being used on the walls and floors of a bathroom, kitchen, living room or on an exterior façade, they’ll create a modern look, high-end appeal and they will give any space a contemporary edge.

Large format tiles will give the illusion of extra space and make any space look larger. Not to mention that you can use them on almost any surface.

One of the greatest benefits of using large floor tiles is the easy maintenance. Have you ever had to spend a day cleaning grout lines? With large format tiles, there are fewer grout lines to clean, so you save time. Also, using large format tiles means you need less tiles. This can result in savings in time and energy as well.

How should large format tiles be installed?

If you want your large floor tiles to look great for years to come, keep these recommendations in mind when planning a large format tile installation.

  • Preparation is key, and it should start with a level substrate, as less-than- level surfaces become more noticeable when using large format tiles.
  • Ensure 90% mortar contact between the floor and tile; back buttering helps to ensure good bonding.
  • Read all installation instructions from the manufacturer, especially concerning setting materials, before the project begins.
  • Use proper tools for large format tiles installation.
  • Use medium bed mortar for tiles with a length greater than 15 inches on any side of the tile.

What are my options when choosing large format tiles?

Grande or large format tiles are available in any style and colour that regular size tiles come in. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, from stone and high polish porcelain, to concrete and marble. If you’re thinking about going grande, consider visiting one of our 7 nationwide showrooms. We have a large selection of large format tiles available in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes.

Whether you’re looking for design ideas, product information or installation advice, or simply want to explore our range of grande tiles, one of our showroom experts would be more than happy to assist you. See you soon!

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