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Tile Trends to Watch Out For In 2019 (Ideas from Cersaie)

Publish date: 2nd October 2018

It seems like only yesterday we were presenting the top tile trends of 2018 to you but, after an amazing, inspiring week spent browsing through the exhibition stands at Cersaie 2018 in Bologna, Italy, we’re ready to start talking about 2019’s upcoming tile styles.

We have compiled a list of top trends to look out for in 2019, so if you’re thinking of renovating or redecorating your home, get inspired with these looks!

Marble Inspired Tiles

Available in a range of colours, designs and shapes, marble inspired tiles keep staying trendy – and there’s no wonder why. They give a beautiful and luxurious look to your interior, becoming the focal point of any room. An example of a beautiful marble effect tile that we fell in love with at Cersaie is the Majestic Tile Collection. Designed by the researchers from Valentino by Ceramiche Piemme, the Majestic collection of tiles and slabs is inspired by the arabesque textures of marble such as Carrara, Grigio Verona, Nero Levanto, Onice, Nero Marquinia and Bianco Arabescato. Presented as a world premiere at Cersaie, the collection deliberately exits from the classical laying patterns of the marble effect surfaces and interprets the interior decoration with haute couture taste in the unmistakable style of the Valentino brand. Called Majestic to recall the allure of the oldest and most prestigious hotels in the world, this is a collection to see and touch. Tiles and large slabs interpret the veins of precious marble in seven shades with over 150 different graphics to simulate the heterogeneity of natural materials. The numerous sizes and finishes are combined with decorations, mosaics and finishes in very fine white paste.

Unique, Stunning Pattern Tiles

Patern tiles is a style that interior designers will continue to incorporate into homes in 2019. There are a variety of ways you can incorporate your personality through pattern tiles – through colour, design, materials or the room they’re used in. A great example of a unique pattern tile that you should consider in 2019 is the Shades tile collection by Ceramiche Piemme. For the Shades collection, the designer Gordon Guillaumier drew his inspiration from the classic hand-decorated majolica. The tiles realistically replicate the delicate and imperfect mark left by the designer’s brush stroke; colours overlap to create unique shades that mix and match with the 5 basic cement effect tones. There are 4 types of decorations, each one available in five different nuances varying from dark to light blue, from white to gold to aviation blue: a true shifting of colours typical of the watercolour technique. Modernity and tradition also meet in the choice of sizes available: Ceramiche Piemme combines the modern 60X60cm or 60X120 cm slabs with decorated hexagonal tiles reminiscent of traditional ceiling tiles, and others in smaller sizes (20X20 cm) commonly used in the traditional majolica.

Stone Effect Tiles

The trend for convincing stone-effect porcelain tiles has really taken off in recent years, for both residential and commercial projects, and it looks like it’s here to stay. A beautiful example is Emilgroup’s Eureka by Provenza – a tile collection that interprets the emotions of its time-old roots. Dive into a world of ancient Sicilian stone that combines natural beauty with geometrical games. Or Chateau, another one of Emilgroup’s tile collections, inspired by French stone.

Wood Effect Tiles

One of the biggest new trends in home décor over the past few years is the rise of porcelain and ceramic tiles that look like wood. It’s not a surprise that wood effect tiles will remain a hot trend in 2019. Available in all kinds of colour tones and textures, the wood effect tile can be easily used to create a unified look in your home by laying it throughout; there’s no need to confine it to “wet” areas like kitchens and bathrooms, as it can work equally well in the living room or bedroom, and there is even exterior porcelain wood look tile to continue with the theme outdoors. The wood effect tile that we loved the most at Cersaie was Emilgroup’s Yaky by Viva – a collection highlighting how space, volume and shape are used to let you touch the untouchable.

Geometric Tiles

When it comes to tiles, not only forms and textures are essential, but shapes too. One particular shape that has surfaced lately is the hexagon. Hexagonal tiles return in all sizes, colors, and textures, especially on floors, where they create a unique, and aesthetic look. Geometric tiles can be used on a large scale (all walls or entire floors) to create a tone for the room you’re using them in or can be used on an accent wall. When used in bathrooms, they can help to improve the perception of space in a small bathroom, especially in combination with neutral colours. In large bathrooms, they create brilliant accents in areas such as the spa area or make-up station. A beautiful hexagonal tile collection that we loved at Cersaie is the Octagon Matt blue.

Vintage Tiles

If we’re to judge by what we saw at Cersaie this year, where the atmospheres of past decades were explored by all the biggest brands in the field, retro-contemporary is going to be a strong tile trend in 2019. With countless innovative new products on display, we found the latest trend of vintage tiles spanning a vast repertoire beginning from the early 20th century to present day. A beautiful example from Cersaie is the Antique Deco Tile Collection.

Other trends that we saw and loved at Cersaie are: Imola’s metallic tiles, the exceptional textured tiles from Wow Ceramics, the unique Aston range…  and so many others! Explore some of them in the image section above and please don’t forget to share it with your friends using the buttons below.

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