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The btw selection of wood floors includes a huge range of laminates, semi solids, engineered boards and solids. We have carefully selection colours and finishes to suit our Irish customers. We have excellent value for money across the range. The quality of our wood flooring range is consistently the best available. Our expert staff will be more than happy to suggest a wood floor that suits your needs.

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What are the differences?

Laminate Flooring: is a quick and easy wood flooring option that would provides relatively maintenance free floors but with a restricted life span. These are suitable for bedrooms and rooms in rented accommodation.

Engineered Flooring: Commonly called semi solids are made up of several layers of wood that are all glued together because of this it is possible to change the top finish layer to a totally different wood species without a huge increase in price.

Solid Wood Flooring: are one solid piece of wood that have tongue and groove sides. These boards are cut from solid logs and can be typically sealed and finished by the manufacturer. Solid wood floors are sensitive to moisture and it is not recommended to install these floors below ground level, or directly over a concrete slab. These floors are usually for nail-down installations with only selected boards suitable for floating. You can refinish, or re-coat solid wood floors several times, which adds to their appeal and to their long life.

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